Ezoic Ad Network (Best Adsense Alternative for Publishers)


Ezoic is a FREE monetization platform for publishers that guarantees to increase your website earnings to 50% to 250% with display ads using their powerful AI ad platform.

In nearly EVERY case, the blogs or sites that use Ezoic make significantly more money than other ad networks like Adsense.


Ezoic is a FREE end-to-end platform for bloggers or publishers that leverages true machine learning to streamline monetization, website speed, and analytics.

It offers many FREE features to bloggers to increase their ad revenue.

The video below shows you why I left Adsense to join Ezoic.


Ezoic conducted a study in 2019, and found that on average a website using its platform was able to increase their ad revenue by 259% and EPMV (earnings Per 1,000 visitors).

What are Ezoic Requirements for Ezoic?

  • Ezoic is a Google certified ad partner, so you need to get approved by Adsense. If you are BANNED by Adsense, then your best option is Media.net.
  • Have 10,000 MONTHLY SESSIONS on your website for Ezoic approval. This gives enough data to Ezoic to detect visitors’ behavior and place ads optimally.

However, my Ezoic Manager told me this:

“The minimum requirement is 10,000 monthly sessions, but we are able to accept sites on a case-by-case basis if their content and traffic are relatively high-quality.

For example, a site with 6,000 sessions/visits can still obtain approval if it looks like their traffic is high in organic traffic, and content is also produced consistently.”

  • You can get approved NO MATTER your location in the world or the language of your website as long as you satisfy the two criteria above according to my Ezoic Manager.

Ezoic is 1,000 times better than Google Adsense or even Media.net and you will see the difference in Ads revenue the very first day you implement it on your website or blog.

For full Ezoic setup after you are approved, watch this video:

Click to Sign Up and Earn more today.


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